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Option 1.   For NO additional fee, you may have your refund check mailed to you or direct deposited into a maximum of 2 different accounts. (Our tax preparation fee must be paid to Norma’s Tax Service prior to the submitting your return.)

Option 2.  For an additional bank fee of $62.90 – you can have your refund disbursed onto a Prepaid Visa Card, you can have your refund directly deposited into a maximum of 2 accounts of your choosing OR you can pick up your refund check at our office.

Option 3.  You may apply for an advance of $250 - $6000 on your federal refund

What if you owe?  You may also choose to have your Federal/State balance due directly withdrawn from your checking or savings account.  Please inform your preparer if this IRS payment method is preferred.

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